Doyle Arthur Conan

Tales of long ago

Tales of long ago

Although he is best known to the public as the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories and other pioneering works of detective fiction, Arthur Conan Doyle successfully contributed by to the other genres, such as historical fiction, as demonstrated by this collection he compiled in 1922.

These vivid and enthralling stories – which take the reader to Roman Britain, ancient Carthage, Mecca at the time of the Prophet Muhammad and many other evocative settings – showcase the author’s knack for bringing to life diverse times and places and crafting enduring narratives. Tales of Long Ago is an entertaining and invaluable read for all those interested in this lesser-known facet of Conan Doyle’s writing.

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Doyle, Arthur Conan (English writer ; 1859-1930).

Tales of long ago [Text] / Arthur Conan Doyle. - Richmond : Alma Classics, 2015. - 186 p.

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